Supply Chain Management Consultants

We are here to understand the challenges your business is facing and help you get the most out of existing assets and resource. We can build and implement market leading best practices complimenting your organization’s skills and technologies. Tell us about your challenges and see how we can help you with them.

Developing smarter supply chains

Keeping on top of change and costs
Supply Chain & Logistics: the Software and Hardware of end-to-end supply
Supply Chain’s role as "Growth partner" and "Cost saving opportunity"

In a world of rapidly evolving and changing markets, Retailers face significant challenges trying to address the ever-increasing complexity of their business. In this environment the role of Supply Chain Management is becoming even more important. Our supply chain expertise is critically important in keeping on top of change and the costs and problems which may arise.

Supply Chain & Logistics are often thought of as the same, however it is important to understand the fundamental difference – as each requires different skillsets and experience. Imagine a computer, where Logistics / Product Distribution is the ‘Hardware’, running the warehouses, moving boxes and coordinating trucks on the road; and Supply Chain is the ‘Software’ that enables all of this by calculating orders, creating plans and forecasts: it’s the engine and heart of the End-to-End Supply-chain.

A study from 2014 shows that CEO’s prioritize growth over cost saving 5 to 1. Supply Chain & Logistics together play a dual role of ‘growth partner’ and ‘cost saving opportunity’. It is a function that can drive competitive advantage and reduced waste resources, helping take your company to the next level – whether you are a start up, medium or large business.

GLC Group can provide you with simple solutions for strategic and tactical problems covering the end-to-end journey of moving goods from ‘Farm to Fork’ (Producers / Manufacturers to Customers).

Choose GLC Group because...


We have holistic retail experience and expertise

Our team has a combined retail experience of more than 90 years. We can help you look at problems through the retailer’s eyes. Our in-depth understanding of how retailers work can help find and develop solutions that will deliver tangible benefits to all parties along the end-to-end supply chain, including suppliers, logistics service providers and retailers.

We work shoulder to shoulder with leading Universities

We have established a close working relationship with Universities in selected countries and can bring in student resources to help with your project.

Our students are digitally-minded, and they’re customers as well as consultants doing this for a living. They have local knowledge and bring a fresh pair of eyes when understanding more about the problems affecting your supply chain.

Get what your business really needs, at the right stage

Regardless the size of Your Business, the Basics for Supply Chain Management are the same. As your Company is growing, processes, structures and systems are all becoming more complex and difficult to manage. Business growth provides a lot of opportunity to do things better, moving your Supply Chain from being Reactive to Proactive. And that’s where we will make the biggest difference to your company.